MSDS Sheet for Mean Green Power Hand Scrub

Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS Number: HS104
Original Date: March 23, 1988
Revision Date: January 1, 2014
Product Name: Mean Green Power Hand Scrub (and private labels)
Manufacturer: Mean Green Limited
Section 1: Production Information
No Hazardous materials and no additional hazards.
Chemical Family:Synthetic detergent blend
Section II: Physical Data
BP: 208F % volatile: N/A VP and evap rate: less than 1 Soluable: 80%
Ph: 7.4-7.8 Spec Gravity .75 Percent Solids:63.5
Section III Fire and Explosion Data:
FP:470F Liquid, 645F FPE Extinguish: Water, CO2, Dry Flammable limits: None
No special or unusual fire procedures
Section IV: Health Hazards
The only health hazard associated with this product is transient eye irritation if exposed. Rinse with water.
Section V: Stability
This is a stable product with no hazardous compatibility, decomposition, reactivity or polymerization problems.
Section VI: Spill or Leak Procedures
Wash to sanitary sewer.
Section VII: Special Protection Measures
None needed
Section VIII: Storage
There are no special handling or storing precautions
Section IX: Transportation
Transportation for this product is not regulated
Section VIII: Preparation Date of MSDS
Prepared by Mean Green
Date March 31, 2014