MSDS Sheet for All-Purpose Cleaner

Material Safety Data Sheet For: Mean Green All Purpose Cleaner

Original Date: March 20, 1993
Revision Date: February 27, 2014
Product Name: All-Purpose Cleaner (U)
Manufacturer: Mean Green Limited

Section I: Production Information

Material Name All Purpose Cleaner (U)
Product Use Degreaser, Cleaner
Section II: Hazardous Ingredients
Hazardous Ingredients Approx. % CAS # LD50 (species/route)
Sodium Hydroxide 6% 001310732

Section III: Physical Data and Properties

Physical State Liquid
Odor and Appearance Clear, Soapy
Odor Threshold N/A
Specific Gravity 1.02
Boiling Point 100 degrees Celsius
Freezing Point Starts at 0 degrees Celsius
Solubility in H2O Completely Soluble
PH (Undiluted) 13
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg) Less than 1
Vapor Density (air – 1) N/A
Evaporation Rate Less than 1
Coeff. Water/Oil Dist N/A

Section IV: Fire and Explosion Hazard

Flammability N/A

Means of Extinction Water, CO2, Foam, Non-Combustible
Upper Flammable Limit N/A
Lower Flammable Limit N/A
Flash-point No known flash point
Auto-ignition Temperature N/A
Hazardous Combustion Prod N/A
Sensitivity to Impact N/A
Sensitivity to Static N/A
Section V: Reactivity Data

Chemical Stability Stable Product
Incompatibilities N/A
Reactivity Acids
Decomposition Products N/A

Section VI: Preventive Measures

Use Safety goggles to prevent eye irritation
Use Gloves to prevent skin irritation
Gloves Neoprene Rubber
Eye Chemical Safety Goggles
Respiratory None, avoid breathing mist
Other Face Shield recommended
Engineering Controls Use in a ventilated area
Leak & Spill Procedure Pick up material with an inert absorbent, then wash area well with water. Dispose of material in an approved manner. Follow all local regulations and by-laws.
Waste Disposal Follow all local regulations
Handling Procedures None
Storage Requirements Do not freeze
Shipping Information Consult TDG Rules and Regulations

Section VII: First Aid Measures

In case of overexposure by…
Skin Rinse with water for 20 minutes, see a doctor if irritation persists
Eyes Rinse with water for 20 minutes, see a doctor
Ingestion Drink copious amounts of water, seek immediate
Medical aid
Inhalation Remove victim from area, see doctor if problem
With breathing persists.

Section VIII: Preparation Date of MSDS

Prepared by Mean Green
Date March 31, 2014